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The official opening ceremony
Ladies and Genltmen, With a view to introducing and promoting Plastic Arts, encouraging the talents and strong ability of Vietnamese and foreign artists. Viet Fine Art Gallery often organize the Exhibitions of Fine Arts, scupture, photography, Arts Gala, between Vietnamese Artists and Arts Museums, and Overseas Galleries.
Viet nam-Where can find something to see and enjoy?
Viet Fine Arts gallery- The first professional gallery in Hanoi, Vietnam and Vietnam Fine Art Association is presenting Vietnam Soul, a typical 25 Vietnamese Artist-exhibition from 21 October to 21 November 2002. The biggest Gallery in Vietnam with 3floors, 6 rooms, the surface display of 750 square meters, has made good impression on the opening ceremony.
Viet Fine Arts Gallery


Viet Fine Art gallery was established on October 21, 2002 in 96 Hang Trong Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

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The gifts of this world
There is a strong and inviting appeal for departure from RÐne Lemay’s pictures. The omnipotent presence of feelings and emotions in any theme of his pictures is, as always, the nearly intact preservation of his souvenirs of the bright and beautiful days through many Asian countries in which he used to be. He drove through some magnificent scenery, cherished it and drew pictures of it. So, his work inspires us with a new thirst for discovering the great diversity and eternal vitality of the wonderful beauties here below.
Mughal Jades - A Technical and Sculptural Perspective
Fig. 1
Jachen [jade] is in great estimation in the court of the Mogol…Cups and vases are made of this Stone. I have some of most exquisite Workmanship, inlaid with strings of gold, and enriched with precious stones.[1] As the French physician François Bernier observed in a letter written in 1665 while traveling in Kashmir with the court entourage of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb (r. 1658-1707), jade was highly valued by the Mughal emperors. 
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