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Silk paintings are from traditional to modern (term 1)

Monday, 29 November, 2010

This week’s subject hasn’t been related to the story with the same name titled “Silk” of the writer Alessandro Barricco which has ever been loved by many Vietnamese readers, (this writer has been to Viet Nam in the early days of this year in order to talk to Vietnamese readers), it is another  story, this story is beautiful but as sad as that story of Alessandro Barricco: Silk paintings. tranhluamoi.jpg



“Tranh lụa suy vong” (A decline in silk painting), “thoi ky cao chung cua tranh lua”(the last time of silk painting), “con ai tha thiet voi lua” (who loves silk paintings anymore?),…: you only search on the internet with the key words “tranh lua Viet Nam” (Vietnamese silk paintings), you will find a lot of ideas like that. When being interviewed, a Hanoian female artist who has ever specialize in silk paintings confirmed that silk paintings are declining…Another artist who also has ever painted on silk before, has just  informed another shocking information that the department of silk paintings at University of Fine Arts of Ho Chi Minh city is at the risk of closing because there aren’t any students! Nguyen Thu, an old artist, smilingly said, “You should write that silk paintings have died!”

Hanoi Lady  by Le Thi Kim Bach
Vietnamese silk paintings have ever had the golden era with the famous names of Nguyen Phan Chanh, Mong Bich, Le Kim Bach, Nguyen Thu… An artist who has been working as a teacher of silk paintings for 20 years remarked that the number of silk paintings has been reduced in the National Exhibitions of Fine Arts recently and proportional to their prizes. So there is a pessimistic view about Vietnamese silk paintings. Therefore, the subject of silk paintings are carried out in the hope of reviewing not only their achievements but also their value. This makes a stand on believing in the future of this category of fine arts.


To be continued…
(Collected and translated by Lan Phuong)