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The National Fine Arts Exhibition should be reconsidered (term 1)

Friday, 31 December, 2010

ngong.jpg(TT&VH)- “ I am an artist who is visiting an exhibition about my job but I feel very tired. After the opening day, I have revisted in order to contemplate more details of paintings and find the face of Vietnamese Fine Arts during the past five years, but I feel completely impotent”

It is the feeling of artist Do Duc on the occasion of the National Fine Arts Exhibition on display in Van Ho Exhibition House in Ha Noi. This exhibition will last until December 15th, 2010. This article below has been written by him.

1. My above feeling has appeared in the five-year-ago exhibition, and now it is  clearer. There are so many pictures with different materials in this exhibition that it is thought to be “a supermarket” of pictures.

An outsider impressively said that there were a lot of big pictures which weren’t taken enough care, so they were only like big children with little wisdom. It seems that there is a growing trend towards competing by sizes without intellectual esthetics.

So I feel sympathetic to the members of the art council and the organizers who have worked so hard during the two stages of choosing through 5000 artworks’ photos and nearly one thousand real ones, finishing an index book about this exhibition with 256 pages and over 2 kilograms, hanging and arranging 836 artworks of 735 artists in the exhibition house’s 3 large floors.

However, this exhibition has not been praised because it has not met the  demand on art result.

Thus, if the form of the National Fine Arts Exhibition doesn’t change, I am afraid that this result will repeat.

To be continued…

( Collected and translated by Lan Phuong.)