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The National Fine Arts Exhibition should be reconsidered (term 2)

Friday, 31 December, 2010

trienl_lam_mt_toan_quoc_20102. So how can we put it down to experience in order to find out the best form of the National Fine Arts Exhibition?


It is too difficult for the members of the art jury to choose on what way: movement or artworks. This exhibition has showed that although art is regarded as the most important criterion, its result doesn’t come true because it must bear the movement. The movement view should be left out if the quality of the national art foundation is wished to improve. It should be put down to experience on the special subjects and given the solution to the problems. It will be a great renovation if we can do. It is not easy because we have got used to doing as habits.


Some countries usually show their statistics about the tourist numbers in order to express their development. But economists are interested in the  income through the annual tourism, the tourist numbers are for reference in order to know how much money the tourists will spend, if there are not cashiers that number is also meaningless.

So do the fine arts, the quantity is big but the quality is small, thus, how should it be said?

A national exhibition after five years only shows its quantity of paintings, doesn’t it ? The main purpose of this exhibition is assessing the art quality and new progress after five years. If nothing changes, it is not successful.

3. Cultural sector has ever organized a very interesting annual event. Every year, department of fine arts, photography and exhibition has held a thematic exhibition: lacquer, or oil paintings, or silk pictures, or graphics, or sculpture. These exhibitions have make artists specialize on each sort of material deeply. The artists will try to practise their specialized materials in order to create the best artworks. So after five or six years, there will be the best entries for the national fine arts exhibitions. I am sure that by that way there will be the good national exhibitions with the limited quantity but with the good quality. At that time, the members of the jury will not be hard-working and the exhibition will be more successful.

images3-2010When being at the exhibition of this year, I found that there was a foreigner trying to look for a catalogue about the exhibition but there was nothing. Some people intended to ask the prices of some paintings but nobody answered them… I think that it is very necessary to have leaflets and a price list of the entries in order to discover and understand art tastes and the art market as well as to confirm artists’ levels.

There are a lot of problems which need discussing in this exhibition. These are only some preliminary thoughts. Although the fine arts bring personal styles, they show the national culture, so, this exhibition could not be considered as a private sector of artists.

(Collected and translated by Lan Phuong)