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News in brief IV

Sunday, 31 January, 2011

“Sai Gon Lacquer 2011”

There will be an exhibition called “Sai Gon lacquer 2011” with 60 works by  about 55 artists at Applied Arts, at 17.00 on January 18.

With the participation of the great number of artists, viewers can find a new and diverse feature in the traditional materials. Some identified famous artists’ pictures for other materials such as Mai Anh Dung, Vu Ha Nam, Le Kinh Tai, Mac Hoang Thuong,... will be on display with other famous lacquer artists, for example  Hoang Tram, Dao Minh Tri, Ly Khac Nhu, Vo Nam, Le Quoc Viet ... and young artists’ ones of Ho Chi Minh University of Fine Arts. This exhibition will last until 12 February to welcome the New Year called “Tan Mao”.

Participating in the art competition for Asian children Mitsubishi – Enikki (2010-2011)

Yesterday morning, department of Fine Arts, Photography and Exhibition belonging to Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism gave awards to the winners of the art competition for Asian children Misubishi – Enikki ( 2010 – 2011 ).

After 2 months of mobilizing, the competition’s board of organizers had received 19,851 pictures of pupils nationwide. The competition’s art council chose the best pictures in order to give awards including eight A prizes, ten B prizes, fifteen C prizes and ten collective prizes. Moreover, eight A-prize pictures by Vietnamese from-six-to-ten children will be sent to Japan in order to participate in the art competition for Asian children  Mitsubishi-Enikki (2010-2011).


Thousands of art lovers queued up for Monet’s paintings in Paris

queueNight 22 January, thousands of art lovers, including American film star Jodie Foster queued up over three hours in the cold weather for 200 paintings by the French impressionistic artist Claude Monet before this historic exhibition which was one of the biggest exhibition about Monet in decades, ended on 24 January at Grand Palais museum in Paris.

The museum’s staffs offered them biscuits and warm water to comfort them. Mr. Jean-Paul Cluzel, manager of Grand Palais decided to open the museum from 21 January in order to meet the viewers’ demand. It has been said that this exhibition had been visited by one million visitors since the opening ceremony in September in 2010.

( Collected and translated by Lan Phuong )