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The most expensive masterpieces of nudes of all times

Sunday, 31 January, 2011

The famous paintings about human body have been preserved for thousands of years. Nude paintings are not only admired by the art lovers but also highly appreciated. These are 10 most expensive materpieces in the world’s art history.

1.Nude in a Black Armchair – by Pablo Picasso – valued at $45,1 million.




This painting was sold at $45,1 million, a record of price, no one in the world has been valued at higher price. Picasso painted it in 1932 and so far it has been considered as one of his most precious paintings.

2.Study of Nude with Figure in a Mirror – by Francis Bacon – valued at $39,7 million.




After being completed in 1992, this painting was sold at $1 million. However, only some years later, its price quickly increased that made Francis Bacon become one of the most sought artists in the world as well as increase his other artworks’ price.

3.Benefits Supervisor Sleeping – by Lucien Freud – valued at $33,6 million.




Being completed in 1995, this work had been verdicted the most wonderful one of Lucien Freud since 1990. This is a simple work about a lady lying on the sofar. And according to modern opinion, she hasn’t been beautiful. This is the most precious work of Lucien Freud who is one of the most influenced artists of this century.

4.Les Femmes d’Alger (o) – by Pablo Picasso – valued at $32 million.




This is one more masterpiece by Picasso. It was painted before his work called “Nu au Collier”. The reproduction “O” of the masterpiece “Les Femmes d’Alger” is the most valuable in the serie. This work was sold in 1997.

5.Nu Couche de Dos – by Amedeo Modigliani – valued at $26,9 million.




At the auction, it took everybody by surprise at the price of the work. This is a wonderful work  by Modigliani but it hasn’t been the most expensive one.

6.Nu au Collier – by Pablo Picassovalued at $24 million.




This masterpiece was auctioned in 2002. Perhaps, the public has  not known its appearance for a long time that made it have the high value and showed that how Picasso’s artworks have been wished to be possessed. This work was painted in 1930, when Mr. and Mrs. Marie-Therese Walters loved each other so much. They lived in a castle. This work’s subject emphasized on the female curve and the deeply love inside.

7.Naked Portrait with reflection – by Lucien Freud – valued at $23,5 million.




This work was born in 1980, was considered as one of the Renaissance Realism paintings. The word “reflection” in the name of the painting was illustrated for a man’s leg behind the sofar who was thought to be artist.

8.Eve, grand modele-version sans rocher – by sculptor Auguste Rodin – valued at $18,97 million.




This statue was created by one of the most famous sculptors of all times, Auguste Rodin. Although he was considered as the father of the modern sculpture but his works were criticized by the contemporary sculpture. Eve was his first effort in creating a female model standing by his work Adam although it has never been finished. However, it has got the high price at $19 million.

9.Les Femmes d’Alger (J) – by Pablo Picasso – valued at $18,6 million.




This work is ranked at the next position of this list. It is very interesting when we find that he created a lot of the reproductions of this work. And this work with the letter “J” was the second valued painting after the “O”, was sold at $18,6 in 2005.

It contained a lot of Picasso’s style as a cubism artist. It was repainted in 1955 and had been inspired by the work “Women of Algiers in their Apartment” painted in 1855 by the famous artist Eugene Delacroix.

10. Nu assis sur un divan (la belle Romaine) – by Amedeo Modigliani – valued at $16,77 million.




Amedeo Modigliani was a Jewish-Italian painter. His life was very hard, he addicted drugs and wine, was very poor and he died soon. During 35 years of his short life, he created the worth wishing artworks.

This painting was painted in 1919, about a woman with a thin cloth only. His style is unique and coul not be classified although some people said that he had been influenced by the style of Toulouse-Lautrec and Cezanne. This painting was auctioned in1999.

(Collected and translated by Lan Phuong)